Solidarity Strategies is an award-winning, full-service, minority-owned and operated political consulting firm based in Washington D.C. that provides bilingual direct mail, phone, and digital services. When applicable, we proudly deliver work that is environmentally sustainable and union-made.

We strive to level the playing field of politics not only by helping elect people of color but also by placing diverse talent into key positions for the development of social justice. We understand that the progressive movement cannot expect minority voter participation to increase if progressive organizations do not leverage the insight provided by doing business with minority-owned firms.



Solidarity Strategies' network, experience and bilingual skills allow us to talk to people nationwide about the issues that matter to them and their communities. We are dedicated to working with candidates and organizations that fight to improve the lives of working families, protect the environment, and stand up for equality and civil rights.


Chuck Rocha, our President and Founder, was a Senior Advisor to the Bernie 2016 and Bernie 2020 campaigns. In this role, he built the structure of the operations and developed the overwhelmingly successful strategy behind the 2020 campaign's Latino outreach operation. The communications methods Chuck developed and executed transformed the way political campaigns message to and interact with the Latino community across the United States.

You can read all about Chuck's strategy in his debut memoir, Tío Bernie, which tells the story of the Latinos who worked and volunteered for the campaign. It also has everything you need to know about how Sen. Sanders won over 70% of the Latino vote in the Nevada caucuses.



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