Solidarity is owned and operated by Latinos. We offer in-house English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation that caters to our growing Latino community. We have done translations for our clients on several levels; some examples are below:


Printed Material

Digital Ads

Video Scripts

Phone Scripts

Press Releases

We do not simply translate from English to Spanish. We recognize the difference in Spanish languages by regions and take this into consideration when translating for our clients.


The Spanish our staff speaks is universally comprehensive from North, Central, and South America; assessing the Caribbean and Castilian Spanish can also be professionally revised and proofed. Our translation services undergo several revision phases where the work is checked by at least three different Spanish-speaking staff members. We recently extended our services to include a 24-hour express rate to accommodate the fast-paced environment campaigns can face.



Mon - Fri: 9:30 AM ET - 5:30 PM ET

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