Our firm has expanded to provide digital services to organizations and campaigns as of 2016. Our clients have noticed the importance of keeping an online presence in a world that is growing to be more digital.

In recent election cycles, much emphasis has been placed on engaging the New American Majority. Studies have shown that Latinos use tablets and smartphones more than any other demographic, proving digital engagement strategies are critical in reaching these voters.

The Pew Research Center has shown that Hispanics and Latinos use cell phones and technology at greater lengths than their white and African American counterparts. It is also proven that internet use is steadily increasing within the Hispanic population, and will only get larger in the years to come.


We can produce and place digital ads on Pandora and Spotify. We have used audio and display ads for several campaigns as they can specifically target a variety of demographics. We help write the script, choose an appropriate voice over talent, produce the radio ad, and design the display ads.


We can also manage the social media accounts for organizations, including Facebook, Twitter, and website.



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